Professional Services to the Building Industry Award

Mary Olk – Designer Interiors by Mary Olk

Mary OlkGood interior design is art that we live within, and Mary Olk is one of the gifted artists that can take disparate furnishings, fabrics, paint colors, and other objects and bring them together as a cohesive whole that whispers to the soul that ‘you are home’. Mary founded Designer Interiors by Mary Olk in 1973. Her award-winning designs have helped properties sell, from model homes and clubhouses, to urban lofts, private residences, vacation homes and cutting-edge commercial spaces.

Mary is eternally grateful to Fred Capaldi, Jr. for his advice to join the HBA. “I was fortunate to get to know the Capaldi family during our daughter’s grade school days,” said Mary. “Fred’s advice to join the HBA has given me so many opportunities that I know I wouldn’t have had otherwise.” It was through Fred that Mary got her first big break when Fred recommended her to HBA member, Don Pratt with Wake-Pratt Construction. As Mary got more involved
with the HBA, her workload expanded and her reputation for unique, memorable interior design grew. “I appreciate and value the long standing working relationships I have with HBA members,” said Mary.

She has cultivated an impressive network of companies that provide distinct and unique home furnishings. A regular attendee at the High Point Market, the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world, Mary has direct accounts with numerous companies. “Being able to buy direct helps save my clients money,” said Mary. “It’s all about access to resources and good relationships with vendors.”

Mary’s success is grounded in the knowledge that she is there to work for the client. “I am working with someone else’s budget and ideas,” said Mary. “It is not my project or my home.” Mary works with builders and sales people and designs to the demographic they are targeting. “We design so that those prospective home buyers can visualize living in the home,” said Mary. “The furnishings should be arranged to move people through the home, always keeping in mind what people see at eye level. Every new home will sell eventually, but models done correctly help builders sell homes faster.”

Mary was honored as HBA Associate of the Year in 2014, and has won numerous HBA sales and marketing awards for her designs. She has a daughter, Maggie, and is the proud grandmother to a 4-year-old grandson, Jasper.