Distinguished Service to the
Professional Women in Building Council Award

Jennifer Carnaghi – Chet’s Cleaning, Inc.

Jennifer CarnaghiFamily means everything to Jennifer Carnaghi. As the oldest of four married siblings with five children between them, Jennifer takes pride in her brothers and sisters and in spending time with and mentoring the little ones. That sense of family spills over into her career at Chet’s Cleaning and into her work with the HBA Professional Women in Building (PWB) Council.

Jennifer started as a customer service representative in the office at Chet’s Cleaning 21 years ago. “I used to frustrate Chet when he’d overhear me talking on the phone because he could never figure out if I was talking to a customer or one of my friends,” said Jennifer. That is probably because Jennifer sees everyone — customers, included — as her friend. “I just enjoy people,” said Jennifer. “I have a broad network and I get satisfaction from making connections and helping people.” Jennifer eventually oversaw operations at Chet’s as general manager, but her passion was always building connections with people. She is now the company relationship manager / marketing director. For her, it’s “the right seat on the bus.”

Chet’s Cleaning was founded by Chet and Sally Sadowski in 1986. Today the company employs 26 people and is highly regarded for their professional expertise in caring for beautiful furnishings and floors. The company’s services include cleaning wall to wall carpet, specialty rugs, wood floors and cleaning and restoring hard surfaces such as marble and natural stone. They also clean and repair tile and grout. In addition they clean upholstery and leather and clean and re-hang window treatments. “Homeowners, especially new home owners, invest so much in their homes and furnishings,” said Jennifer. “When you don’t properly maintain those items, you have to replace them much faster. We educate customers on how to take care of these items. Our website even includes a guide for cleaning household spills.”

Jennifer joined the PWB board in 2019. She feels fortunate to have met and become friends with mentors and role models like Carole Jones and Barb Burnham. Jennifer served on the PWB Steering Committee for the 2019 Design Challenge. “We raised $25,000 and over 400 people attended the event,” said Jennifer. “That was gratifying, but it was also amazing to be working with the PWB members who have such hustle and dedication. It was awesome to witness the power of synergy when people bring their individual talents together to focus on a common goal.”