Distinguished Service for Urban Home Building Award

Aaron Rosenhaus – Uniland Corporation

Aaron Rosenhaus prides himself as a dedicated champion for the continued growth and development in the city of Detroit. Working daily within the city, he runs the Uniland Construction and Development team as COO. Aaron’s ties to the Motor City date back to 1926, when his great-grandfather, Sol Rosenhaus, started Uniland in downtown Detroit.

“We proudly maintain our 94-year-old tradition of development and construction, while expanding efforts to the multifamily industry. Through extensive renovation experience of our own multifamily properties, we’ve developed a specialized construction process specifically for the renovation of apartment units,” Aaron says. “Most current projects are in Detroit where we’re experts in creating functional and modern spaces, while maintaining the eclectic aesthetics of 40-120 year old buildings.”

The most exciting aspect of each renovation project for Aaron and his team lies in the ever-changing, unique challenges each structure presents. Uniland specializes in bringing together the right teams to successfully execute solutions to the most unexpected problems. “We’re not just builders, we’re very skilled problem solvers,” Aaron says.

Uniland is proud to have completed projects in over 20 Detroit neighborhoods over the past eight years; specializing in the restoration and renovation of multifamily properties, with many new projects on the horizon. Over the last nine years, Uniland has maintained its reputation as multi-family renovation experts with thousands of renovated units under their belt with another 350+ units slated to be complete in the next 12 months.

Aaron is also currently the Chairperson for HBA’s Detroit Builder Forum where he works with city leaders and the builder/developer community to raise industry outreach within the city. “There are opportunities for us all to take advantage of in bringing value to not only our bottom line, but to the communities we work in, too.”